Success Stories

“Our daughter had a g-tube from infancy. She has struggled with chewing and swallowing food. She also has some texture aversions. Amy Nunez brought her expertise and experience to our situation and helped our daughter learn to chew and swallow. She gave us tools and tricks to help our daughter adjust to the textures she struggles with. She was so patient and kind. Our daughter loved her sessions with Amy. With Amy’s help we were eventually able to wean off of all g-tube feedings. She no longer has a g-tube. We still use some of Amy’s techniques to help our daughter with textures she doesn’t like and she no longer struggles with chewing or swallowing.”

Michele H., Cayucos, CA

“I’d like to share a little about my son. He is now 7 years old and just a few months ago I could count all the foods he would eat on one hand. We didn’t have a lot of choices and his preferred food list kept getting shorter and less healthier as time went on. I realized my son wasn’t going to outgrow his feeding troubles and that’s around the same time I met Amy. I felt like the worst parent in the world. I felt like my son’s feeding difficulties were my fault. Maybe I gave him too much of this and not enough of that, and so on. Mealtimes were so stressful and they should not be. There was so much negativity around food we couldn’t enjoy a single meal together. Not to mention how the rest of my family felt about my son not eating at our gatherings. They didn’t understand how I couldn’t make my son eat. “If he’s hungry, he will eat”. Nope. He didn’t.  He was never that hungry. In fact, he never told me he was hungry. He never asked for food. 

With Amy’s help I was able to understand why my son was having a hard time trying new foods.  She pinpointed what about specific foods he disliked or didn’t tolerate. With her guidance I’ve been able to gently introduce vegetables and other non-preferred yet necessary foods. It’s still not easy, but I’ve learned how to encourage and change his experiences around food so that he now enjoys eating. I think that’s huge. I’m grateful for Amy’s knowledge and grace in working with my son. I think she makes him feel confident and he’s refusing a lot less now.  Sometimes our kids don’t just “grow out of it” and sometimes we need outside help. That doesn’t make us bad parents. I’m grateful for Amy. She has many gifts, I’m sure, but being a feeding therapist is one of her greatest. “

Diana G., Coachella Valley, CA