Pediatric Dysphagia (aka Swallowing Disorder)

What is Pediatric Dysphagia?

Pediatric Dysphagia is a disorder which occurs in any or all of the four phases of the swallow. The four phases of swallowing are oral preparatory, oral, pharyngeal and esophageal.
  • Oral preparatory phase- when food or liquid are being moved around in the mouth
  • Oral phase- moving the food to swallow
  • Pharyngeal phase- starting the swallow
  • Esophageal phase- the food moving through to your stomach

Does my child have Pediatric Dysphagia?

Symptoms of Pediatric Dysphagia may include coughing or choking while swallowing, difficulty initiating swallowing, and food sticking in the throat.  

Does your child cough every time s/he is eating or drinking?

Do you limit what your child eats because you are afraid s/he will choke?

Does your child look uncomfortable or like s/he is in pain while eating?