Crumbs and Smiles provides evaluation and treatment for feeding and swallowing disorders for children birth to 18 years of age with a variety of diagnoses.

With over seven years of experience

working with families and their

children with feeding and swallowing

disorders, I am educated and

certified in a variety of treatment

approaches to support your child’s

success during mealtimes.

Crumbs and Smiles’ mission is to support the growth of healthy and independent children by providing a family centered approach to feeding and swallowing therapy and collaborating with allied professionals to ensure quality of care.

Crumbs and Smiles Provides:

  • Comprehensive clinical bedside swallowing evaluations
  • 60 minute therapy sessions
  • Individualized family & child treatment plans
  • Support with generalization of skills in the home & school environments
  • Collaboration with schools to ensure your child is safe while eating & maintains adequate nutrition & hydration
  • Collaborative care with allied medical professionals
  • Parent education & training to support progress
  • Consistent scheduling & effective communication throughout the therapeutic process

“I’m grateful for Amy’s knowledge and grace in working with my son. I think she makes him feel confident and he’s refusing a lot less now.”

Diana G., Coachella Valley, CA

“Amy Nunez brought her expertise and experience to our situation and helped our daughter learn to chew and swallow.”

Michele H., Cayucos, CA

“She has many gifts, I’m sure, but being a feeding therapist is one of her greatest.”

Diana G., Coachella Valley, CA

Crumbs and Smiles provides